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Second meeting of the network Geseker businesswomen

Geseker entrepreneurs at the second network meeting in the Engelshof.

For the second time, Geseker businesswomen met yesterday evening for the network meeting in the Engelshof. Around 25 women followed the invitation of Birgit Engels, Heike Lehmann, Uta Kottmann-Utzel, Martina Moritz and the municipal business development. Due to the great response to the introduction of Karin Pätze of the company KP Business on the topic “Effectively set their own goals and At the first network meeting, she coached yesterday on the topic of “Living Successful Leadership.”

The entrepreneurial network of the city of Geseke is planning two events next spring and autumn. Two women will present their job profile and their company.

All businesswomen are cordially invited to these meetings. More information can be obtained from the organizers or the city’s business development department.

Karin Pätze from the company KP-Business lectured.

Contribution to the autumn 2014 edition of the memo

The women’s assembly of all women of the city administration of Oberhausen on September 10, 2014 was held under the motto “What to do when s burns? – Dealing with emotional burdens and role models in the job “. So that at the beginning all of the 160 women of the city administration could recognize: “Yes, this year we are in Sterkroooarde!”, The entrance into the event took place via a YouTube country clip by Matthias Reuter.

With this humorous start, however, the basis for an exciting and varied event was also laid. The women of the administration were offered during the morning both content as well as motivational highlights. “What do you do when it’s burning?” This year’s credo has led the women through an interesting mix of various topic-based lectures, interviews, videos and one-player performances.

Of course, the focus of the event was also the update of the women’s promotion plan 2014-2016. Britta Costecki supplemented her annual personal welcome with the presentation of the completely new structure and a few selected measures of the women’s support plan. “The current update shows that we have already completed a considerable distance, but the mountain stages are still ahead of us. Particularly in management positions, the proportion of female employees is still too low, which we must jointly promote. However, classic topics such as part-time work and the compatibility of work and family life will also be an important part of our work over the coming years, “says Britta Costecki.

Based on the measures of the forthcoming women’s promotion plan, but also taking into account the results of a project group of the ongoing junior management training and with regard to the fact that the city of Oberhausen is currently training a young colleague in the context of a part-time vocational training, another focus on the topic “part-time within the city administration “. Part-time colleagues from various administrative departments were given the opportunity to share their personal biographies and professional biographies in a very open interview and all the associated adversities, but also positive experiences with the women present. After an exciting round, the result was clear: Part-time work is feasible, but the planning of work structures and contents is important! Julia Pietrasch – stv.

In the further course followed a personal greeting by Elke Münich, the new alderman for family, education and social affairs. The warm welcome elicited from the tense listeners also a spontaneous and powerful birthday serenade.

After a short break, it was then in the – especially for the participants – very active part over. The speaker Karin Pätze brought about a keynote speech movement and communication in the round and thus already set first impressions for the upcoming women’s seminar on the topic “What to do when s burning? – Dealing Contribution to the memo 2014 autumn issue with emotional burdens and role models in the job “on October 27th and 28th, 2014.

“Speak! Define! Be clear with yourself and your wishes. Some things only become reality once you have pronounced them, “says Karin Pätze. And all women did, as announced: Between seat neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, girlfriends aroused exciting and exciting discussions.

Karin Pätze completed: “Standing is what matters. Motivate your queens genes. Dare something! “Sharp as chili peppers, ambiguities in action skills, assertive strategies and forms of communication can sometimes rumble in the stomach. Often women are faced with the question: “Do I say yes to everything, or do I formulate a clear and understandable” no “? The most important thing is definitely to focus on the positive and to hide everything negative.

This successful morning was supplemented by up-to-date information from the area of ​​personnel and organization with emphasis on the personnel development concept by Jürgen Schmidt (Human Resources) and current inputs of the staff council by André auf der Heiden.

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Updated: 12.09.2014
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