Excerpt from the references of Karin Pätze

Economy – Germany

  • Senit GmbH – (steel processing) executive training – Germany –
  • Continental tires
  • ASAP Logistics – (Software Development) Leadership Training – Germany –
  • KFH dialysis – (dialysis company, health care sector) executive training – Germany –
  • Stellwerk Consulting – SAP Seminar
  • Bi Consulting – SAP – Executive Coaching
  • TSW – Trier Steelworks –
  • Speralux – Logistics Iserlohn
  • FXdirektBank – Executive Training, Employee Training Sales and Motivation – Germany –
  • DKM – (Financial Services) Executive Training – Germany –
  • Entrepreneur Association Geseke – Communication training for women entrepreneurs – Germany –
  • Buchhandlung Lehmann – Executive Training – Germany –
  • Schornsteinfeger Decker – Communication Training, Employee Training – Germany –
  • Imaginations First (Graphic and Web Design) Corporate Identity – Germany –
  • Forward Point (web design and software development) executive coaching – Germany –
  • One Click Software (Software Development) Corporate Identity, Executive Coaching – Germany –
  • Sanitätshaus Bach – Employee Training, Sales – Germany
  • Country NRW
  • different cities in NRW

Economy – Europe

  • Dent all Care – (Dental Clinic, Dentist Materials Company) Sales, Assessment –
  • DentalCare – (Dental Clinic) Executive Management, Employee Training – Netherlands –
  • Speralux – (forwarding) executive training – Luxembourg –
  • Roberto Massao Yamazaki – Executive Coaching – Brazil

Single references:

Sylvia Becker: Occupation: Diocesan adviser at Caritas in the Ruhrbistum

In the seminars I met a very competent trainer who lives what she teaches. This authenticity has meant that I have booked the complete package “in one go” and successfully completed. The seminar units were always clearly structured and well-structured in terms of content. The materials were also comprehensively structured and flanked by accompanying written and oral information. Theory and practical exercises with diverse changes within the group were in a balanced relationship.

Formats have always been exemplified first and then experienced by different methods themselves. Feedbacks were always demanded and were to be delivered only under constructive, respectful aspects. The seminar days, which was almost a law, took place in a motivating atmosphere. In addition, for the exercises participants had different rooms both inside and outside, so that they could learn with all their senses. And of course especially in the warm months was particularly enjoyable. The variety of offered additional courses underlines the competence of Karin Pätze. It always brings joy to discover the possibilities of further education. Every day with Karin is a joy: who learns here,

Thank you for the wonderful training and (not yet completed) training time with you!

Sylvia Becker, Dec. 2011

We would like to thank KP Business and thus Mrs. Karin Pätze, who supported us as a trainer in our company in the area of ​​personnel development with high professional competence. Their expertise and dedication have been of great value to us.

Practical, quickly implemented and supported by a high level of expertise.

Many thanks
Oberhausen, August 2008
Maja Bockholt (Personnel Development) FXdirekt Bank AG