Conduct world

means for us

  • To take global responsibility and to live with joy.
  • Using our common resources ethically, sustainably and ecologically for this world.
  • Involvement and sustainable integration of all people and systems involved in change processes.

Our thoughts and our actions of today, determine our world of tomorrow.

Conduct commitment

means for us

  • Social commitment active and self-evident.
  • We are committed to appreciative, respectful communication that connects worlds and people.
  • We support social projects with know-how and competence.

Success for the benefit of all involved.

Conduct appreciation

means for us

  • Accompany your company to develop and live appreciative and excellent communication management.
  • To focus your company on appreciative possibilities, solutions and abilities, to integrate the potentials of the individual and to use them for the benefit of all.
  • Recognize and develop your success factors.

Together for success.

Conduct competence

means for us

  • To develop a quality management based on high professional, social and emotional competences.
  • Targeted competence management to enable your company to gain competitive advantages in terms of customer and market orientation.
  • To work with them to develop a corporate culture that meets the new global requirements.
  • To constantly train our company and our trainers to be there for you.

Advantage through competence.

Conductance people

means for us

  • To develop, promote and use the potential of all people involved in the company process strategically.
  • To inspire all people for the common success in order to ensure successful personnel and team development.
  • Enabling people to become a competitive advantage of their company by activating their intrinsic motivation.
  • Respect for each other and to live and teach each other.

Human potential has unique possibilities.