Coaching in companies concerns diverse and essential fields of work and operational areas:

  • Coaching for employees and executives in order to achieve desired goals in personnel management and potential development and to be able to carry out change processes successfully and effectively (time – benefit – costs – performance).
  • Coaching for executives in order to be able to receive neutral, external feedback or to further develop their own competencies.
  • Through successful coaching processes it is possible to draw on diverse, subject-specific, emotional, social, communicative and relationship-technical competences in order to be able to develop appropriate change strategies.
  • Coaching supports employees in a targeted manner and builds social and emotional ties to the company in times of a shortage of skilled workers.
  • Coaching is part of effective human resource management.
  • Effective team coaching creates successful top teams.
  • Coaching is appreciation and added value in a process.

We offer coachingsettings tailored to your entrepreneurial needs and circumstances:

  • 2 hour to full day individual coaching for executives
  • Topic-related employee coaching from 2 hours
  • Team coaching from 2 hours to full-day, process-oriented coaching
  • Sustainable strategic coaching frequencies, at weekly or monthly intervals

Talk to us, together we will find the best way for you.