Personnel development means the training of subject – related competences and the development of social and emotional competences, as well as all the corresponding soft skills.

Seminars and advanced training contribute to a high degree to employee satisfaction and employee loyalty. So they tie professionals to their company, keep capital in the company and operate active exployer branding and human resources management.

We offer you a unique competence management, which includes strategically coordinated professional competences as well as social and emotional competences.

Our seminars are characterized by:

  • high practice orientation
  • fast implementation and effectiveness
  • good sustainability management
  • high level of expertise
  • a good social and emotional climate
  • a joyful and creative learning culture

We offer:

  • A varied, tailored to your needs, seminar program, with a suitable timeframe for them, from 2 hours to block seminars of several days.
  • Seminars that take place both in their own rooms, as well as in our rooms or in seminar hotels, both within Germany and in other European countries.
  • Qualified and appreciative seminar management, whose actions are supported by professional competence and social as well as emotional competence.
  • Seminars that have a sustainable and long-term impact and can be completed with international certificates.

Focus and advantages of our seminars:

  • Targeted further development of your company potential
  • strategic personnel development with qualified employees and executives
  • high employee loyalty to your company
  • positive PR, for attracting new skilled workers and trainees
  • Building a Human Resource Management
  • effective sustainability management
  • Training of professionals with corporate commitment, so that the HR capital remains in the company