Business Competence Coach


The previous form of personnel management and personnel development, which emerged from the time of industrialization, has changed fundamentally today.

Internal process motivation is the main source of motivation in European countries, so executives in management today face the task of motivating people to intrinsically

In order to reach desired goals in the personnel management and the potential development and to be able to carry out change processes successfully and effectively (time – use – cost – performance), people who work in these areas have to deal with diverse, technical, emotional, social, communicative and relationship – related Can use competences to develop appropriate change strategies.

Today’s executives are faced with the challenge of understanding complex, social, emotional and systemic relationships and interactions, and of being able to react appropriately to them immediately

Goal-oriented approach, as well as the control of complex, learning, teaching, reflection processes can be adequately and successfully accompanied by coaching. Coaching skills and the design, as well as the implementation of coaching processes are today part of the leadership role and leadership identity, so that the training as a coach, in the area of ​​managerial management, plays an increasingly important role.

On the one hand, the diversity offered today in the area of ​​coach education enriches the market, on the other hand it also makes it unmanageable to be able to filter out suitable quality.

Our certified, coaching education oriented to the standard of EN ISO 17024 offers us, in terms of content, methodology and concept, certified executive coaching, professional building blocks, guarantees high quality and creates a consistently measurable quality standard for highly qualified, effective and successful management management.

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